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Royal Flyff Rules and Regulations



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Players' In-game Rules
1. RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT. This means respect others and you will gain respect back.
2. For any complaints, provide a sound evidence by taking a screenshot of the actual incident and report it in the complaints section. A total of at least 5 complaints from different characters will result to the freezing and muting of the account.
3. Bug abusing or hacking in anyway is strictly prohibited. If ever caught and proven, your account will be frozen, muted or banned immediately. Likewise, players are encouraged to report any hackers, see rule no. 2.
4. All decisions made by the highest officials, i.e. Owner (Chris), Admin (DREN), Co-Admin (Rhythm), is/are final unless otherwise they revoke their judgment. Arguing or questioning their decision might result to sanctions as muting of your account within 24 hours.
5. All transactions made when items are purchased are final and unrefundable. However, in cases of server wipeout, roll back or missing items, the items could be redeemed back. Authorized personnel shall be requesting access to your account to verify the loss item. If ever caught abusing, the item will be stripped from you or your character will be banned.
6. The character will also be punished with 24 hours mute and freeze if any of the following offense will be committed: (1) Spamming in shout-outs or in town, (2) cursing any officials and (3) creating several characters for complaining and spamming purposes.

Note: Whoever among the players failed to follow any of the rules listed above will be subjected to sactions respectively as aforementioned.

ChatBox Rules
1. Mentioning server/s or making any form of advertising is highly prohibited. Any party refuse to follow number one rule will result to mute or ban.
2. Don't spam or flood. Asking several times for the server status is discourage. Server status is visible below the area type box.
3. Strictly no cursing nor flaming. Kindly give respect to every chatter as well as Royal Flyff Staffs.
4. Begging position, items nor penya or selling stuffs in chat is not allowed. We will use Royal Flyff Chatbox as a form of direct communication to those people who's in need assistance as well as helping to those who's in need.
7. And lastly and most importantly, speak ENGLISH in chat always for us to understand each of everyone because this is an international server.

Forum Rules
1. Keep all post on-topic
2. All posts must be written in English
3. Spam is strongly prohibited! All post which are considered as a spam should always be place in OFF Topic category. No double posting, use the edit button.
4. Do not post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing important to say on a certain topic then dont post. The number of posts on this forum has nothing to do or no direct relation to the experience of a member.
5. Make sure to put credits and sources whenever you wish to use somebody else's words, quotation, work or belongings.
6. Post your comment/topic to the most appropriate place. Any posts deemed to be in a wrong forum will be moved or deleted.
7. Only one account per person is permitted.
8. Keep all commentaries civil and in good manners at all times. Constructive criticism is allowed but inappropriate words and insults directed towards members or site Admins will not be tolerated.
9. Do not discuss illegal or inappropriate activities.
10. No commercial advertising is permitted. Mentioning other private servers or website is also a form of advertising.
11. Any posts which include pornographic content will be immediately removed.
12. If you feel a post violates any of these rules, or you need to bring it to the attention of a moderator (move threads/ close/ split), please use the "report this post" link to notify moderators.

Note: Failure to follow any of these rules may result in editing, deletion of post, receiving warning from moderators or banning of account depending on the committed sanctions.

Royal Staffs' Rules
1. Stricly no abusing of GM powers.
2. Slaying or killing of players using your GM character is highly prohibited.
3. Freezing and/or muting of players without any valid reasons is not permissible, unless proven that the player has broken any of the rules mentioned in players' rules post.
4. Permission from any higher officials, i.e. the Owner (Chris), Admin (DREN), Co-Admin (Rhythm) is highly required before hosting main events.
5. Summoning monsters in Flaris town is also not advisable so as to avoid lags or connection issues.
6. Giving out items or freebies to players, no matter what your personal relationship with them is greatly discouraged.
7. When claiming purchased items, always refer the player to authorized personnel for the verification of the payment.
8. Leveling up of your own or any officials' alternate character using your GM account is strictly forbidden.
9. Any items created using your GM account, especially those with awakes and high attributes, should solely be kept on your GM account. These items should not be transferred to anyone else's account.
10. Using of /sys command should only be done if ever there are important announcements or on-going events. (not punishable but not also being tolerated)

Note: Whoever among the GMs failed to follow any of the rules listed above will be subjected to sanctions depending on the depth of the violation as mutually agreed by the higher officials.
Punishments could range from account suspension to permanent loss of power through firing of the account.


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